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Subjects and programs

Specialist programs

Support teacher – Learning difficulties (STLD)

To enable the school to provide adequate support for all students, specialist teachers are available to advise and assist teachers plan programs for children who have been identified as having special needs. Some of these children may be withdrawn from the regular classroom to receive small group or individual teaching. If your child needs to become involved in this program you will be consulted. Parents wishing to consult a Support Teacher should do so by making an appointment with the Support Teacher or through the School Office.

Special education teacher

Penny Donaldson, our acting Head of Special Education Services (HOSES), provides support services to students identified with disabilities and provides modified educational plans, developed in conjunction with both parents and teachers, to help these students access the curriculum to the best of their ability.

Guidance officer

Guidance services are available to parents, staff and children of the school.  Annette McLean is based at our school and her services are readily available (on referral) to assist in meeting school and parent identified concerns.

Speech language pathologist

Bethany Eden, our Speech language pathologist, provides services for students who have special needs in:

  • Language 
  • Fluency (eg stuttering)
  • Voice
  • Social interaction skills
  • Eating and drinking
  • Speech
  • Alternative and augmentative communication systems.

Speech language pathologists and teachers work together using an integrated classroom-based program to provide services to students with speech and language impairments. Services include direct therapy with individuals and groups, consultancy services and training for teachers and parents.

The Speech language pathologist’s role extends beyond correcting speech to include working with other children with communication disabilities and their families, consulting on language and communication across the curriculum, and liaising with other agencies and community groups.

Speech language pathologists are specially trained professionals who have knowledge of the development of communication skills and how to identify, evaluate and manage speech and language disorders.